Post-Anxiety – how social media is taking over my life

This summer, I decided to start my yoga Instagram and blog up again after a few months of radio silence. I really enjoy the yoga community on Instagram and sharing some of my thoughts and experiences with you all. Social media can be a very beautiful thing, bringing people together from all around the world, allowing us to connect in ways we never imagined before. But I’ve begun to notice this obsession that has been developing. I constantly feel pressured to post something, as much as possible, to keep my followers interested and to get more likes and more followers. The other week I found myself struggling to write a blog post and feeling that I need to at least come up with something to write about. Of course at that time I wasn’t going through any stress or struggles. My life was pretty happy and normal. I had a childhood friend visiting from Germany and rather than really enjoying my time with her I found myself looking for opportunities to take yoga pictures or dabbling with topics for my blog. I was so worried that when I started getting ready for school I wouldn’t have time to write or post and that I would lose followers, that people would lose interest with me and my life. Of course my life didn’t stay stress free for long. I ran into some problems while getting my and my boyfriends belongings out of storage. All of our nice wooden furniture was covered with mold. While we were away, the storage unit company pressured cleaned around our unit without letting us know. They called us after the fact because water had accidentally entered into our unit and wanted us to come up as soon as possible and check. Well obviously, we were both 4.5 hours away from the unit and unable to take the time to check on it. I always knew I had a slightly materialistic side, but seeing my personal belongings in that condition really showed me just how much value I place on things…. things that don’t matter at the end of the day. The kicker of it all was that part of me was relived because I FINALLY had something to write about, something to post about. So immediately I posted a picture to Instagram letting my followers know what I’ve been going through, satisfying my craving for likes, followers, etc. And here I am…. writing about the situation about to post it onto my blog. I am still working on finding that balance. We live in a world that currently revolves around the internet, we meet love interests, friends, get our news, share our stories, search for answers, schedule our lives, all on the internet. But as we continue to move towards an online world, our reality is slowly becoming filled with separation and disrespect. More and more, people constantly have their heads down staring at their phones, relying on them to save them from social interaction. When will enough be enough? I am trying to be present in my life while still establishing myself on the internet for business purposes, but I don’t want to be consumed by my social media. So I’ve decided not to document every single thing that is going on in my life and to not post on Instagram every single day, remove my notifications, delete a few apps, and see if my post anxiety starts to lessen. I have constant thoughts that cloud my judgement, causing me to be rude just because I need to respond to a comment, I need to work on a caption, I need to write an article. It has hurt a few of my relationships and has caused me to become obsessed with posting. It is a hard fact to admit but here we are and honestly there is no better time (than the present) to admit it and begin working on myself.

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